Harness the wind!

The windmill has long been an icon of the American West, and with it’s heritage comes many memories of the farm life that millions of people have lived, yet have witnessed it slowly taking a back seat to many new technologies that have come to us in the last decades.

But even with the latest gadgets and devices that seemingly make our lives more convenient, there have been very few, if any, that can match the mechanical technology of the windmill and its ability to make use of a free resource… The wind.

Harnessing electricity has revolutionized this world, yet we are finding that the demand for it brings an ever increasing need for more super power generating plants. Many formats of generating this power such as coal, water reservoirs, and nuclear power have become expensive, even hazardous and polluting. Thus, with the consciousness of our needs to generate a power through cleaner and safer solutions, it also brings a higher cost to the convenience we know as electricity. Even if we could count the cost of this electricity as just an incidental expense in raising cattle or crops, there is still the fact that there are many remote places throughout the Midwest where electrical power is not available.

The windmill is a low cost, environmentally safe, and resource saving tool that has been the answer for many decades, and is again becoming the answer for the future.

We invite you to investigate our products, services, and resources which will enable you to enjoy and make use of this magnificent thing called the windmill.

Regards, John Barton

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